Julio Eyzaguirre (1991) is a documentary photographer and photojournalist specialised in mental health issues and social behaviour.

After studying architecture in Peru (2009-2013), he decided to move to Barcelona and follow what he felt more passionate about, photography.

He did a photojournalism course in CFD (2015) with mentors such as Pau Coll and Edu Ponces from the collective RUIDO PHOTO. In there, working on his first project on depression, Yrsa, he built great passion for documenting social and mental health issues. His multimedia project has been exhibited at “Cortona” (Italy)  and “Mirar Distinto” (Mexico) festivals.

While still working, he did a workshop with the MeMo Collective (2016-2017) having Jose Colon as a mentor. He spent the last year working on themes such as heroin addiction and society, he went deep into a 4th world “hidden” in the streets of Barcelona, bringing to the surface stories of survival and overcoming.

Now a days, after earning a scholarship to study in Grisart (2017-2018), he has been working on themes as vigorexy and beauty as a mental health issue.

He is a creative person who is always trying to find new and more intimate ways to tell stories. He feels an urge to tell people’s stories in a rigorous and well investigated manner. He has the ability to deepen into his different stories, always telling them in a truthful and objetive way. Julio is mostly interested in keeping working in mental health issues and going back to Peru to document social behaviours.